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Bolitho v Banksia Securities Ltd (No 18) (remitter) [2021] VSC 666

Updated: Apr 14

ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE–Paramount duty to court and overarching obligations –

Group proceeding –Litigation funder, counsel,solicitor/law firm and expert witness –

Fraudulent scheme to obtain grossly inflated legal costs and litigation funding commission

from settlement payment –Repeated contraventions of duty and obligations –Where

conduct corrupted the proper administration of justice –Content of paramount duty –Where

solicitor on record played only a post-box role –Where targeted destruction of documents

discovered–Civil Procedure Act 2010(Vic) ss10, 16–19, 21, 24.

Summary of Judgement

Summary of Judgment - Bolitho v Banksia Securities Ltd (No 18) (remitter)_0
Download PDF • 147KB

Full Judgement

Bolitho v Banksia Securities Ltd (No 18) (remitter) [2021] VSC 666_1(1)
Download PDF • 4.26MB

News clips

O'Bryan's fall_ How a legal eagle's wings were clipped by greed
Download PDF • 7.53MB

Solicitor faces the music in class action costs case
Download PDF • 3.77MB

Shock Banksia ad­mis­sion
Download PDF • 47KB

Class action lawyers face criminal probe over ‘fraudulent’ costs claims
Download PDF • 689KB

Class actions silk admits to costs scandal
Download PDF • 1.39MB

Re-published: 8 May 2022

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