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Bruce Lehrmann: Trial and Error Part II

Bruce Lehrmann: Trial and Error Part II. The shocking fallout from Australia’s most controversial trial continues as 7NEWS Spotlight reveals bombshell new claims from key players at the centre of the political saga, including central figures who have not spoken publicly until now. Bruce Lehrmann, who pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault of Brittany Higgins in a Parliament House ministerial office in March 2019, unleashes over the handling of his criminal trial and reveals his plan to sue the ACT Government for malicious prosecution. His high-profile barrister, Steve Whybrow, also breaks his silence, revealing to 7NEWS Spotlight how prosecutors had Lehrmann in their sights and his belief the fix was in from the start. And, for the first time, the public will hear from the Senator at the centre of the scandal, as Lehrmann and Higgins’ then-boss Linda Reynolds discloses what really happened following the staffers’ late-night visit to her ministerial office. Nothing is off limits as Reynolds reveals the devastating hit jobs she was forced to endure while painted as the political villain in front of the entire nation before finally being exonerated this week.

In one of the most explosive 7NEWS Spotlight editions of the year, award-winning investigative journalist Liam Bartlett unravels the complete morass of lies, half lies, accusations and controversies that have surrounded the scandal from the outset.

Trial: 2m

Inquiry: 4m

Higgins: 3m

Lehrmann: 5m

"So we are up to 15 million?"

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