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Bushfire and recovery

I recently took a ride up through the high country to Cooma and returned from Merimbula to Camberwell. A couple photo's and their locations:

Khancoban to Kiandra entrance

Kosciuszko National Park

"During the 2019/2020 bushfires 33.5% of Kosciuszko National Park was burnt. Staff from the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) identified priorities which aligned with the NPWS priorities, State Priority Planning post-fire as well as the Saving Our Species project priorities." 2020 Fire Recovery

Tumut Pond Reservoir 1

Across the water the forest is burnt entirely back to the trunk of the tree, with some green floor cover after 12 months.

Tumut Pond Reservoir 2

Rest House Sawyers Hill

A1 Motorway between Eden and Cann River

A1 past Timbillica

A1 past Timbillica - new growth on burned trunks

Best regards,

David James Connolly

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