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Campaign launch

1 April 2022

We launched the campaign in the Archer Room of the Botanical. 2 Candidates in VIC, one legend making the call on the morning and handing in his Freddy to his Sgt who called April Fools.

The message is simple: “We can do better”

As it relates to my campaign;

If the good decent people of Kooyong vote for Davo I will commit to the following.

1. I will take personal responsibility for our relationship with China. If anyone is not abreast of how important our economic relationship with China is, please review the current Trade Balances: here

2. Heston and I will raise a climate Army. If the weather forecast is floods, fires and pandemic's then we had better get good at responding to crisis

3. When it comes to Law, less is more. We need to continue to pursue deregulation and I will see this through

Best regards,

David James Connolly

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