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Campaign update: David James Connolly

Source: David James Connolly facebook page:

Campaign has reached a broader spread of Kooyong residents:

- 122,965 reached by Facebook Posts

- Average time on website: 6 min 17 sec

- Average website pages per user: 1.3


Based on bench-marking against political opponents and Government sites:

Source: David James Connolly website:

- Average session duration is better than 94% of sites

- Social engagement is better than 93% of sites

- Acquisition of unique, new, views still strong with a great addition of return visitors

Global SEO position:

Source: Google Search Console for

- Google seems to think my Tripadvisor posts are pretty good... Local Guide Program?

- Great to see mistypes being picked up and traffic routed into site

Top Post:

- Local advertising blast 5 mile radius

- 46,077 Facebook views

Best regards,

David James Connolly

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