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Digital Employment Forum

The Digital Employment Forum is a joint venture between the Tech Council of Australia and the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO).

The DSO are the independent, federally funded body that sets digital skills training standards in Australia, against which vocational education training is accredited. They also pilot innovative training models for digital professions, including with TCA members.


Australia will need 1 million people in tech jobs by 2025.

That means 286,000 people need to enter tech jobs in the next four years.

The Digital Employment Forum (DEF) brings together major tech employers and educators to transform the way Australia attracts and trains workers.

We’ll bring new approaches to solving the pain points that prevent Australians from getting into high-value, high-wage tech jobs and enable businesses to employ more Australians.


Our pillars of work

Data-driven research program

Defining and identifying tech employment needs, talent pathways, skills gaps and migration needs across the economy.

Digital workforce strategy

Aligning industry, training providers and government on core industry needs, accounting for key roles and levels of skill and experience.

Education, training and skills standards

Bringing together educators, industry and support providers to identify best training models for different training and employment needs, set priorities and identify policy and implementation gaps.

Employment pathways

Connecting employers with education providers and workers by aggregating tech training options and employer job opportunities and programs.


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