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Paul Keating addresses National Press Club of Australia

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Former prime minister Paul Keating addresses the National Press Club discussing Australia's strategic framework and its role in the Indo-Pacific.

In his address, Mr Keating gave a scathing assessment of Australia's defence decisions regarding the Indo-Pacific region.

His remarks come after Australia scrapped a $90 billion French Naval Group submarine contract in favour of nuclear submarines in alliance with the United Kingdom and United States.


- The IMF and CIA have agreed and released that China's economy is 20% larger than USA

- GDP per citizen in USA is 60,000 whilst in China is 10,000

"My point is, that, that China is so big - and is going to grow so large, it will have no precedent in modern economic or social history and therefore our challenge is to be, is to have the United States remain as a balancing and conciliatory party in Asia"

"We are at odds with our Geography, and we have lost our way"

"I mean, how much tougher do you need to be to get the ning nongs at the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age notice this"

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