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Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land


"The Register of foreign ownership of agricultural land (the Agricultural land register) was

established to provide greater transparency about the level of foreign ownership of

Australia’s agricultural land.

The Commissioner of Taxation reports annually to the Treasurer on the operation of the

Register of Foreign Ownership of Water or Agricultural Land Act 2015 (the Act) and is

required to publish aggregate statistics of foreign ownership each year. This is the fifth report of the Agricultural Land Register (Agland2020) and includes registrations made by foreign persons between 1July2015 and 30 June2020.

Foreign persons are required to register their holdings in agricultural land within 30 days of a

specified event occurring, including the acquisition or disposal of those holdings. Details of

specific events are outlined in Attachment A.In this report, ‘foreign held’ land is agricultural

land in which a foreign person has ownership. This could be a freehold interest, or a

leasehold interest or right to occupy agricultural land under a lease or licence that is likely to

exceed five years. A foreign person may hold the interest alone, as a tenant in common or as a joint tenant.

The definition of ‘foreign person’ includes entities in which a foreign person has an interest of 20% or more. As a result, the Agricultural Land Register captures details of foreign entities

that may be in part held by Australian shareholders. For more information on thedefinition of ‘foreign person’ refer to Attachment B.

Information collected during registration is detailed at Attachment E.

Consistent with Australia’s foreign investment framework, the details of investors are not

made publicly available.Taxation law also restricts the release of information which could

identify, orbe used to identify, an individual or entity. For these reasons, and because the

Act only requires aggregated statistics, information beyond what is presented in this report

will not be made available."

2020 report:

Download PDF • 1.22MB

2019 report:

Download PDF • 959KB

2014 Parliament of Australian report: Foreign investment in Australian agriculture

Download PDF • 844KB

Key summary data from 2020:

Re-published: 8 May 2022

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David James Connolly

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