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Principled. Proven. Progressive.

David James Connolly is a Federal candidate for the Electorate of Kooyong.  David is a centrist politician with a keen focus on Trade, Climate and Deregulation.

David believes Australian Politics needs step change to unburden our economy and seize global export opportunities in Technology, Mining and Agriculture.

David is a technology Trade Delegate to China (康诺利). WeChat ID: DaveConnolly

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Federal Electorate

At last census 145,399 Australian's with a median age of 38, highly educated and engaged in predominantly professional and managerial employment.

Kooyong in the 2019 Federal Election overwhelmingly showed a high degree of concern regarding climate.

For more data: here



TBA, 2024

“We can do better”

If the good decent people of Kooyong vote for Davo I will commit to the following.

1. I will take personal responsibility for our relationship with China.  If anyone is not abreast of how important our economic relationship with China is, please review the current Trade Balances: here and foreign ownership of land: here

2. I will work with Veteran groups to raise a climate Army.  Australia and our strategic ally's have an increasing threat of fire, floods and damage from climate change.  My proposed approach is here.

3.  The legal community is the primary cancer in the State of Victoria's wide ranging financial and cultural issues; integrity and professionalism needs to be returned to acceptable standards.  For a list of the current challenges, and a proposed path forward, see here.

Best regards,

David James Connolly

Federal Candidate for Kooyong

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